What are the benefits of hosting a DATEVINE event?
There are many benefits for restaurants, because we want this to be a symbiotic relationship. The more beneficial THE DATEVINE is for restaurants, the more events we can hold, all over Australia and the world. Here are some things worth considering -

  • Restaurants can take group bookings with THE DATEVINE during off peak times, as a way to fill the restaurant during quiet nights of the week.
  • Hosting DATEVINE events exposes restaurants to new, local clientele, increasing the likelihood of returning customers and word of mouth publicity.
  • We will promote restaurants on THE DATEVINE social media platforms and on the Eventbrite ticketing website in the lead up to the events.
  • A DATEVINE dinner is easy to host for restaurant staff given there is a set menu already paid for.

How much organisation is there for us to do before the event?
Not much at all. Someone from THE DATEVINE will be in touch with you to lock in the finer details like date, time, numbers, menu, drink specials (if applicable), and payment preferences. We send you a booking form to complete and a step-by-step guide on how we operate. Before the event we will confirm numbers, send you a guest list, pay for the food and send you some DATEVINE drink coasters for the table – these give instructions to the diners.

The only other thing we will need is a brief description of the restaurant and some images to publish on our website and events page. We can always do this for you and send to you for sign off if it’s easier.

What do our staff need to do on the night of the event?
We want to make these events as hassle-free for restaurants as possible, so your staff can serve our diners as they would any other group table. The only thing out of the ordinary will be checking off the attendee list at the start of the night, so we know if anyone ‘no shows’. 

We would also encourage your staff to acknowledge that it’s a DATEVINE event, and do small things like remind the diners to swap seats when the mains come out, or offer suggestions for nearby late-night venues at the end of the meal. How much or little you get involved is up to you.

What happens if one or more of your guests don’t show up?
If someone is running late then we tell them to call the restaurant directly, so you can inform the others, start the service, and keep some food aside for them. If someone doesn’t show up at all, without any explanation, then we ask that you make a note of this and email us the following day with their name. We have a policy of black-listing repeat offenders.

*** Obviously it is very disappointing for us and the other guests if someone doesn’t show up, however because we pay for all the food prior to the event, restaurants will NOT be out of pocket in this situation.

What happens if an event doesn’t sell out?
We will do everything we can to sell ALL tickets by at least 48 hours prior to the event. We have a lot of interest from single people, and because seats are limited at each event, we’re confident we can do this. However if for any reason we don’t sell out, we ask that restaurants work with us to reduce the numbers of the table within the final 48-hour period. On the day of the event we will be able to confirm all numbers and guest names.

*** If there are less than 8 people booked for any event then we will need to reschedule it for another time, all the details will remain the same, only the date will change.

What kind of menu is suitable for a group date?
Every event must have either a 2-course set menu or a banquet-style sharing menu. This is to make it easier for restaurants to serve a large group, and to create a sharing and festive atmosphere at the table. For the most part we will leave it up to the chef to come up with a suitable menu that sits within our budgetary guidelines. We recommend a menu that is exciting and appealing which will help with ticket sales, and something that reflects your restaurants style of food. We want our guests to leave feeling full and satisfied, but not so stuffed they can’t move, talk or socialize!

What kinds of drinks are suitable for a group date?
We always ask if restaurants would like to offer our table any drink specials on the night. This can make our guests feel extra special, and help break the ice on arrival). Drink specials can also help with the table service if everyone is ordering the same drinks. Some suggestions of drink specials might be a welcome cocktail, or discounted beer and bottles of wine. It is not essential to offer any drink specials, but it’s something we can discuss when making the booking.

How is the food bill taken care of?
The food bill will be paid for on the day of the event. We will do this either in person at the restaurant, or we can arrange to do it over the phone, or by bank transfer. These details will be confirmed with you when making the booking.

How is the drinks bill taken care of?
As with any other table, you can present the drinks (and desserts if applicable) bill to our guests at the end of the night. They will need to split the bill between all of them, and even though we encourage everyone to bring cash, you should tell us beforehand if you’re NOT happy to accept split bills on card. Often it's easiest for our guests to pay for their drinks as they go - either at the bar, or on individual tabs.

Should we treat your dinner guests any differently to our regular customers?
Not at all. We want our dinner guests to feel right at home in your restaurant, like they’re having a meal with old friends. You should be as attentive and welcoming as you usually are with your other customers. The only extra thing you’ll need to do is check names off the guest list at the start of the night.

Can we put a time limit on the table?
Yes you can, you just need to tell us when we make the booking, so we can put those details on the tickets. We usually ask for at least 2-2.5 hours minimum, although often our guests like to stay around after dinner and continue to mingle and drink. If possible it would be great to have an area for them to keep socialising, otherwise we'll suggest they go elsewhere.

What nights are the best nights to host a group date event?
The great thing about our group dates is that we WANT to have them on quieter nights, so there’s a bit more space and a little less craziness for people to talk and get to know one another. Most restaurants choose to host DATEVINE dinners on a Wednesday or Thursday, which are their less busy nights. But again, it is totally up to you – Friday, Saturdays and Sundays can work too, and who’s to say a weekend brunch group date isn’t a good idea???!

Can we promote THE DATEVINE on our social media platforms and restaurant website?
Yes absolutely, we can send you images to post on your social media, or you can regram anything off our Instagram account (@thedatevine). We will use the hashtag #thedatevine(yourcity) as well as your #yourrestaurantname. We can also send you a media release or other details about the event if you need, just let us know.

How often can we hold a group date at our restaurant?
It’s up to you, you can hold as many events as you like, however at this stage, while we’re still growing our singles database, we wouldn’t suggest holding more than once a week, just to make sure they always sell out. 

How much should we charge for our menu?
It’s up to you, as long as it is an accurate reflection of what your normal menu costs are. We always try to keep the food and ticket costs as low as possible for the guests, so they have money left over to spend on drinks, on the night. The cost of a set menu usually ranges from $35 to $100, and then THE DATEVINE will add an administration fee per person to the ticket price – this is to cover our costs.

Can we offer desserts to your guests?
Of course! Everyone loves something sweet at the end of a meal right???? If our guests take you up on dessert then you can just add this to their drinks bill at the end of the night.

Does a DATEVINE representative attend on the night?
Usually there won’t be anyone there from THE DATEVINE on the night, but we don’t think you’ll need it. We will have done all the organization beforehand, checked in with you on the day to confirm numbers and the guest list, and you’ll have received payment for the food as well. Once the event starts it’s over to you and what your restaurant does best! We will call or email the next day to make sure everything went well, and to book in another group date.

To contact us, please email hello@thedatevine.com