We all have single friends (or family) who we love... and desperately want to see loved up, or in the very least getting out and about! Well this is where you can help them out...

Often single people just need a little push in the right direction. So if you know someone like that, send us their details and we'll get in touch with them personally, and see if they'd like to come out and socialise with us.

REST ASSURED WE WILL ONLY CONTACT THEM ONCE, and if they are not interested then we'll back off and never contact them again. And we will NEVER share their contact details with anyone else (unless of course they agree to it). You might be surprised to know we have quite a high response rate - single people are generally very open to meeting new people.

Their Name *
Their Name
We find we get the best responses from a personal text message
So we know what events they'd be interested in
So we know what age group best suits them
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