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external observation type flame TVLHWQ


??LHWQ furnace wall type high temperature industrial TV equipment is a special closed circuit television equipment used in high temperature environment. It can be widely used in the heating furnaces, glass melting tanks, sintering furnaces and other industrial high-temperature furnaces and kiln furnaces and other supporting equipment in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, light industry, chemical machinery and other industries. It’s more frequently used especially in the cement rotary kiln chiller's discharge outlet, the furnace workpiece operation observation, the glass melting tank overall thermal processing and other equipment processes. The equipment can directly extend the camera lens to the observation hole of the furnace wall to observe the workpiece operation, material and flame shape in the furnace, to ensure production safety, improve product quality, reduce labor intensity, and facilitate centralized scheduling and automation of the production process.


??The system adopts the mechanical structure of manual extension and exit, and the structure is small, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. At the same time, it has an over-temperature and under-voltage alarm function.

??The system adopts pinhole imaging technology, which effectively solves the influence of high-intensity radiation and dust on the camera lens in the kiln, which greatly improves the reliability of the system, reduces the maintenance requirements of the system, and basically achieves maintenance free during usage.

??The image acquisition unit uses an advanced low-light, high dynamic range, high-resolution color CCD camera to ensure a clear view of the internal image of the furnace.